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Thank you all for a successful first year in 2016. I learned so much and enjoyed every bit of it - from planting the first seeds in my new greenhouse to meeting all of my customers. It was rewarding to sell my plants to so many people who are enthusiastic about growing their own vegetables using locally sourced organic plants. 

For 2017, we will continue to sell organically grown vegetable seedlings from our location at 188 Asbury Street in Hamilton, but are greatly expanding our offerings. Given my passion for tomatoes of all colors, sizes and shapes, we will be carrying a few new varieties of tomatoes. I'm especially excited to try "Green Giant" which was rated as one of the "Top Ten" tomatoes by the author of "Epic Tomatoes" and has won numerous tomato tasting competitions. We also will be selling tomatillos, ground cherries and a few different varieties of cherry tomatoes. 

We will be carrying many other types of vegetables, including peppers, eggplant, squash, cucumber, etc. This winter I spent time pouring over catalogues to find varieties that are reputed to be more resistant to the pests and diseases that I've experienced in my own garden over the years. While there are no silver bullets, the use of appropriate varieties and growing practices can increase yields and reduce the need for pesticides. 

Please refer to the +TOMATOES and OTHER VEGETABLES menus for a description of all of the vegetable plants that we'll be selling in 2017. They are all grown from seed using organic and environmentally sound practices.

It was great to receive emails from a number of happy customers at the end of last summer with photos of their produce. I'm looking forward to seeing many of you again this spring. Please stop by and say hello.

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Anne Gero